Passioni di famiglia

Top quality raw materials, observance of seasonality of food, refined host and respected traditions in a “Noble Pantry” managed by Antonietta Giuditta

She is welcoming us, as if she were standing at the entrance to her house. Refinement, elegance and passion are the secret ingredients, whether they be in a jar or in a bottle, which created a business out of a lifelong ambition. The business is located in a pantry, the pantry we would like to have.

How did the idea for “Nobili Dispense” come about?

It was during a dinner with some old friends. We were talking about the quality of food, of what we eat and, between one thing and another, the idea for “Nobili Dispense” came about. Noble because we are positive our pantries should have only noble products. By noble I mean healthy, wholesome products, without added colouring agents or preservatives. Consumers need to be able to choose quality, feel at home even when they buy from a shelf. And this is our mission.

Describe your products using 3 words

Passion, tradition and love of good cooking. “Nobili Dispense” stands out thanks to these features. Simple but delicious recipes, observant of environmental sustainability: unchanged colours and aromas, authentic taste which is entirely appreciated. Smells, tastes, Asight and touch. Specialities are abundant in my pantry. Our products are high quality thanks to the accuracy in choosing finest raw materials and in observance of seasonality.

No added colouring agents or preservatives means traditional products. Where can “Nobili Dispense” be found?

The food originates from a land rich in history, culture, arts and of course fine food and wine traditions. The food originates from unpolluted forests, luxuriant nature, vineyards, olive tree and chestnut groves. Our small traditional business is located in an ancient and pretty village in Irpinia, land renowned for its DOC and DOCG (controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin) wine and its finest cuisine. Our passion and desire to restore old family traditions created our business. The expertise necessary to produce these traditional specialities has been passed down from my grandmother Nannina to us.

What can be found in your “Nobili Dispense”?

Wine, marinated vegetables, soup and our finest mulled wine can be found in our Nobili Dispense. In the food and agricultural production, our business is considered to be one of the jewels in the crown. We bring back traditional dishes with their authentic taste. Nobili Dispense is observant of quality of life and good life.

Where can foodies and gourmands find your products?

Our products can be found in Summonte, in the province of Avellino. You can visit our website, where files with descriptions, suggestions and pairings can be found. There is also a dedicated section of recipes. Our products can be purchased online.