Vibrating Marble, rendez-vous with the artist. From inspiration to creation.

Among the finalists of the Award Henraux 2014, which is the most important international prize for marble sculpture,  is held every two years in Versilia. We found extremely interesting  “Corallo” artwork, the artist Filippo Ciavoli Cortelli, was born in Pietrasanta. We raised a question to the artist about the meaning of his research, that reminds us of cubism …

I happily appreciate and take it as a compliment but personally it is the other side of the coin. Cubism acted with the intent to represent reality from all points of view, whereas I’m interested in  the impossibility of catching the essence, that means not being able to posses an elusive reality hiding the truth from us, may this be the impulse that drives us searching? I believe that this awareness is also due to technology that is increasingly spreading out, highlighting our limits, and where cultural identities are changing. As far as I’m concerned the artist feels a bit romantic and at the same time a little disillusioned, just like Don Chisciotte who is aware of fighting against windmills and therefore he enjoys it, welcoming and accepting without fear and living with curiosity an emotional dimension consisting of two phases not in conflict but complementary.